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Van Wert County Family YMCA 

The Van Wert County Family YMCA has served the community of Van Wert for 107 years.  Originally constructed as a residential building, subsequent additions have included an indoor lap pool, gymnasiums, racquetball and a fitness center.

This proposed renovation includes the removal of the original residential building, and replaces it with a state of the art facility which will include a new wellness center, child-watch, a teaching kitchen, locker rooms, offices, an indoor walking track and a warm-water fitness pool.  The existing lap pool and gymnasiums will be kept, but renovated.  More importantly, the new facility will address the issue of each previous addition being on its own level, and therefor in-accessible to those with mobility challenges.  The new addition will unify all of the floor levels and allow the entire community to enjoy the benefits of an enhanced community center.

The interior design exudes clean and bright colors to create an engaging atmosphere.  All of the main functions and spaces area arranged around the membership desk, so that supervision and assistance are never more than a few feet away.

On the exterior, the new addition creates a defined entrance to the downtown main street, and re-enforces the streetscape with a front patio area for studying and relaxing, while the colorful windows of the warm water fitness pool face the vibrant downtown community.

Construction is anticipated to begin in late 2022.


Van Wert, OH

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