Environmentally responsible design has been embedded in Bona Vita Architecture’s culture for many years. Our high performance buildings are engineered to have the smallest possible ecological footprint. The energy efficient systems we utilize reduce carbon emissions, are less expensive to operate, and create healthier indoor environments.        

Our plans promote:

  • Retain & reuse – bringing new life to existing structures and through specialization in historical preservation.
  • Transportation evaluation – reducing the overall footprint of parking lots, while encouraging access to public transportation and bicycle paths. Adding Green vehicle charging stations and bicycle corrals, where possible.
  • Conservation – preserving natural habitats through designs that are best for the region and its surrounding wildlife.
  • Minimize waste – through rainwater harvesting, LED Lighting, natural lighting, occupancy sensor light switch management, Energy Star appliances, low-flow toilets and plumbing fixtures, increased wall thickness to maximize insulation, using low-maintenance, long-lasting exterior products, using materials made from recycled materials, and recycling collection and storage.