About Us

Bona Vita is a passionate and experienced team of architects and designers who create places and spaces that make people smarter, happier and healthier. We want architecture to help people live better lives, and that’s why we’ve chosen the name Bona Vita — it’s latin for “the Good Life.” 

Buildings That Change Lives

The quality of a person’s experience is affected by the design of his or her environment. Bona Vita Architecture is intensely focused on making unique, environmentally-responsible, and human-driven design part of everyday life. We pour our hearts into every project because we know that each space has the potential to make its occupants happier and the surrounding community more prosperous.


Community-Oriented, Family-Focused

When we’re not in the office designing structures and interiors, we’re giving our time and energy to our families, health and community. This family-focus directly translates to our expertise — our favorite projects are those that provide benefits for an entire community, such as YMCA’s, health care facilities, financial institutions, churches, schools, and community centers. We want our work to contribute to the kind of place we’d want to live — and our kids, and their kids, and so on.

Leadership Team

For inquiries please contact our Leadership Team. 

Tom Salzer, AIA

Tom Salzer, AIA


Brad Wanek, AIA

Brad Wanek, AIA


Ashlei Davis

Ashlei Davis

Business Development Coordinator

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