Designs for Living. Clients for Life.

Designs for Living. Clients for Life.

Designs for Living. Clients for Life.

We design places and spaces that help people become smarter, healthier and happier.

Bona Vita is a passionate and experienced team of architects and designers who create places and spaces that make people smarter, happier and healthier. We want architecture to help people live better lives, and that’s why we’ve chosen the name Bona Vita — it’s Latin for “the Good Life.”

YMCA Experts

In the last decade, our team members have helped design over $85 million in YMCA facilities — which equates to 700,000 square feet among seven new, free standing facilities.

Healthcare Facility Design

Healthcare facility design is one of our specialties. Our design process and experience help ensure an efficient and comfortable working space for practitioners, and an optimum environment for patient recovery.


Designing Workplace Recruitment and Retention

Have you been looking for new ways to Recruit and Retain Staff in the current job market? Did you see our article in this month's Business People Magazine? Whether it is updating your current space, designing a new facility, or, like our friends at Do It Best Corp.,...

Do it Best Corp. Moving to Electric Works

Bona Vita Architecture is proud and honored to be the architecture and interior design firm for Do it Best's new world headquarters!  Read the full article and announcement below:...

Goshen Health’s Newly Designed Birthplace

Mom and baby can now enjoy a newly designed and updated space at The Birthplace at Goshen Health. These new spa-like rooms offer state-of-the-art equipment, while promising comfort and care to the incoming...

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